Logitech - Zone Wireless Teams Bluetooth headset - GRAPHITE

Logitech - Zone Wireless Teams Bluetooth headset - GRAPHITE
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Brand: Logitech
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The time with bad audio for your online meetings is over. Here is the ideal headset for working from home and open office environments that can help you focus on your work and also provide perfect sound for online meetings.We all know how difficult it can to stay focused while working. There’s an infinite amount of distractions. When working from home, it can be anything from the kids to the television making noise. This also applies in open office environments, where a lot of noise from all the other colleagues in the office can occur. These concentration issues can easily be solved with this Logitech zone wireless headset. When you pull this headset down over your ears, you’re transported into your own little world, which is made possible by the active noise reduction of the headphones, which filters all the unnecessary noise around you. The noise reduction works as soon as you put the headset on, and when you are not using it, it is easy to fold and store away.The perfect headset for online meetingsIt’s not just the sound you hear that is noise canceling. The microphone also has a noise canceling function, so if you are talking on the phone or participating in a conference call, only your voice and not all the noise around you is picked up.Comfort in the forefrontThe Zone Wireless headphones are designed to be used for an entire day. Many large headsets can be uncomfortable to wear after a while, but due to the light padded headband of this headset, which ensures the perfect fit on your head, you completely forget that you are wearing the headset.Noise-isolating headphones with great sound qualityCan be easily connected to several devicesWireless with range of up to 30mPerfect for online meetingsCertified for Microsoft TeamsSoft padding and comfortable to wear all day