Logitech - USB Headset Mono H650e

Logitech - USB Headset Mono H650e
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Brand: Logitech
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SMART AND STYLISHThe Logitech H650e headset stands out due to its thorough design. It is perfect for people who appreciate details in design, such as. the intuitive buttons on the cord to adjust the volume and a clear LED indicator that shows others that you are having a conversation. Select the H650e Mono or H650e Stereo for one or two speakersPROFESSIONAL SOUNDWith the H650e you get both functionality and style. This is a professional headset with digital signal processing, acoustic echo reduction, broadband sound, dynamic equalizer and microphone with noise reduction. Salespeople and customer service representatives can make and receive calls with uniquely clear soundDESIGNED FOR PROFESSIONAL USECertifications for leading conversation programs ensure an integrated experience with programs such as Skype for Business and Cisco Jabber. A flat wire that does not filter together can be connected to the USB port on a Mac or PC for easy connectionSKU: 981-000514EAN: 5099206041189