Logitech - BCC950 Conference Camera HD-Video 1080p

Logitech - BCC950 Conference Camera HD-Video 1080p
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Brand: Logitech
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Do your colleagues miss seeing you in the online meetings? Or do you need an upgrade from the bad, built-in camera in the laptop? Video conferencing does not have to be boring. Upgrade your camera to a Logictech BCC950.Logitech has created an all-in-one camera that is perfect for facilitating online meetings in the workplace or home office. The BCC950 camera is equipped with a speaker, microphone and camera, and thus has everything you need to get started with the meeting. The camera works as soon as it is attached and can capture a small conference room of 4 people in the same room.The camera is easy to configure for both Mac and PC, and is designed to be compatible with most video conferencing applications. The small camera is mounted on an arm that lifts it up to eye level, so you are guaranteed to have eye contact with those you communicate with, whether it is customers, colleagues or friends.All-in-one conference camera with microphone, speaker and camera.1080p HD video cameraCan accommodate 4 conference participants in the same roomMicrophone can pick up sound up to 2.5m distanceCompatible with many popular video conferencing programsPerfect for the home officeSKU: 1160938EAN: 5099206038776