Lamaze - Animal Faces Shape Sorter (27249)

Lamaze - Animal Faces Shape Sorter (27249)
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Brand: Lamaze
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The Soft Shape Sorter lets you bond with your baby with three different ways to play: put in and take out play, shape sorting, and color matching. This developmental toy features four shapes with different textures, colors, crinkles, and chimes to explore. Show baby how putting the shape in the right spot completes the animal’s face. Engaging textures and crinkling sounds make grabbing and exploring this toy even more fun and are perfect for helping develop dexterity and hand-eye coordination. The bright colors and high contrast patterns are designed to provide your baby with visual stimulation while they play. When playtime is done, the top opens to store the shapes neatly away. Bonding: Promotes close, nurturing interactions between baby and caregiverFine motor skills: Helps baby use finger and hand muscles to support increasingly precise and coordinated movementsTactile: Various textures to help stimulate baby’s tactile development and sensory processingVisual stimulation: Bright colors and contrasting patterns engage and stimulate baby’s attention and visual perceptionAuditory: Sounds designed to engage baby’s attention and stimulate auditory developmentThe team of product designers works closely with specialists in child development, pediatricians, teachers, and child psychologists to ensure all Lamaze toys are engaging, age-appropriate, and fun.