L'Oréal - Nutri Gold Extraordinary Oil-Cream - Day Cream 50 ml

L'Oréal - Nutri Gold Extraordinary Oil-Cream - Day Cream 50 ml
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Brand: L'Oréal
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Nutri Gold - an extraordinary skin care routine to nourish, moisturize, vitality and glow the skin - a sensory experienceL’Oréal - Nutri Gold Extraordinary Oil-Cream - Day cream is with micro drops of oil which provides nourishment, vitality and glow. Pamper your skin with Nutri Gold Extraordinary Oil skin care. Nutri Gold Extraordinary Oil-Cream greatly provides moisture and nourishment and makes the skin feel like velvet. For you who are 20+. Suitable for all skin types L’Oréal Paris Nutri Gold Extraordinary Oil-Cream contains encapsulated microdroplets of oil and has been developed with inspiration taken from Asian beauty routines. The wonderfully light formula gives your skin a real nutritional boost with its essential oils from rosemary and lavender, argan oil, shea butter and royal jelly as well as extract from white jasmine and rose. With stimulating massage, Nutri Gold Extraordinary Oil-Cream wraps around the skin and provides intense nourishment, long-lasting moisture and a silky soft feeling.Application:Apply the cream in the morning to awaken the skin and give it a radiant glow after applying a few drops of Nutri Gold Extraordinary Oil.Apply the cream in the evening with a relaxing massage for extra nourishment and moisture at night.Benefits:Day cream micro drops of oilNourishes the skin with vitality and glowPampers the skinProvides moisture Makes the skin feel velvety soft Suitable for all skin types Good for 20+ Light formula