Krug 2000 Vintage Champagne 75cl

Krug 2000 Vintage Champagne 75cl
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Brand: Threshers
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Krug 2000 Vintage Champagne is rich, precise, complex and indulgent. The House of Krug wanted to create a vintage for the last year of the millennium, based on the unusual and climatically chaotic season. Known as Gourmandise Orageuse (Stormy Indulgence) this vintage brings together the complexity and the generosity of a very exciting year. Krug 2000 is one of the most intense, dramatic and romantic Krug Vintages ever made. It also has a very high aging potential, and could be enjoyed with caramelised scallops with pineapple, spicy sauces, rich gravies, squab, confit of vegetables or citrus fruits, sweet-and-sour sauces and even spices. Excellent with desserts containing roasted fruit.