Kodak - CARTRIDGE 2,1X3,4" 30-PACK

Kodak - CARTRIDGE 2,1X3,4" 30-PACK
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Brand: Kodak
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Paper cassette for Kodak Mini-shot instant cameras and Kodak Mini 2 printer. Contains 30 photo papers and ink for durable prints. Fits all Kodak 4Pass technology 2,1x3,4" products.Kodak Minishot Combo and Photoprinter Mini 2 uses Kodak 4Pass technology, a heat transfer process that distributes yellow, magenta, and cyan colors on photo paper. The technology provides a tonal range of 16.7 million colors.A protective layer makes the images resistant to both bleaching, fingerprints and water, and provides long durability for your precious memories.EAN: 192143001355 / ICRG-230