Kjaer Weis Invisible Touch Liquid Foundation

Kjaer Weis Invisible Touch Liquid Foundation
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Brand: Kjaer Weis
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Kjaer Weis Invisible Touch Liquid Foundation is a long-wear liquid foundation with a serum-like formula that builds from light to medium coverage. Use a little for a fresh-faced, luminous glow, or add more for a natural-looking, medium coverage that smoothes, evens and perfects. Available in 24 radiant and adaptable shades, not only does this liquid foundation cover and even skin tone, but it also hydrates, soothes and nourishes the skin without being detected. You can choose to include the reusable Iconic Edition Cap to cover and protect the dropper. Benefits- Light to medium coverage with a natural, slightly luminous finish- Evens skin tone and blends easily for an invisible-to-the-eye coverage- Helps skin stay hydrated, nourished and smooth- Made with over 95% natural ingredients Colour Guide- F110 Whisper: Fair, warm pink undertones- F112 Lightness: Fair, neutral undertones- F118 Like Porcelain: Fair, neutral undertones- F120 Weightless: Fair beige undertones- F130 Silken: Light, yellow undertones- F134 Refined: Light, warm peach undertones- F135 Ethereal: Light, neutral undertones- F140 Paper Thin: Light neutral to cool undertones- M210 Feathery: Medium light, neutral- warm undertones- M220 Just Sheer: Medium light, warm undertones- M222 Subtlety: Medium, warm yellow undertones- M224 Polished: Medium, neutral olive undertones- M230 Illusion: Medium, golden undertones- M235 Finesse: For medium, neutral olive undertones- M240 Velvety: Tan, golden undertones- D310 Transparent: Tan golden undertones- D315 Dainty: Tan, golden-olive undertones- D320 Delicate: Tan golden undertones- D322 Exquisite: Tan, cool neutral undertones- D326 Wonderful: Deep, neutral- olive undertones- D330 Flawless: Deep, red undertones- D340 Perfection: Deep, cool undertones- D345 Elegance: Deep, neutral to red undertones- D350 Impeccable: Deep, neutral undertones Key Ingredients- Dioscorea Batatas - the transformative ‘Root of Light’ is biodynamically grown and harvested through a method exclusively available to Kjaer Weis- Chamomile Water is the main active ingredient, helping to soothe the skin with every application- Spilanthes Acmella Flower Extract is a flowering plant that gently relaxes muscles, reducing the formation of expression lines while also boosting collagen structure How to UseAlways start by shaking the bottle well. For light coverage, apply 3-4 drops on the back of your hand, and apply with your fingertips, a damp sponge or a dense bristle brush. Start in the center of the face and work your way out to the hairline to build a light, smooth application. For added coverage, use an additional; 1 -2 more drops of foundation and gently blend and pat into those areas.