Kingswood - Boardgame (25CGG05)

Kingswood - Boardgame (25CGG05)
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The king summons the most prominent Guilds in the village and gives them a challenge: Rid the surrounding forests of monsters and gain glory and fame for your Guild! Kingswood is a true fantasy adventure board game.Kingswood is a fun board game that takes you on a real fantasy adventure. You must choose a Guild, gather resources and fight dangerous monsters in the name of the King. The players in this board game take turns taking control of the adventurers in their guilds, and moving them around the village, with the goal of collecting resources. For example, you can go to the blacksmith for your swords, the academy for your spell books, the market to make money, or to the pub to drink some liquid courage. There are many different places in the board game that you can visit, which provides a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the exciting game.As soon as you have enough resources, head out into the woods where you will encounter a wide variety of monsters. These monsters will give you points that contribute to your glory and fame. The game ends when the first player reaches 20 glory, and as soon as all the players finish their turn, it is the player with the most points of glory who wins.Information about the Kingswood board gameKingswood has an action rotation mechanism that puts players at the heart of the game.Each turn you select an adventurer and move them to a new location and take the actions associated with both start and end location.As each player controls the same adventurers, your choices change your opponent’s options according to their turnNumber of players: 1-5Playing time: 15-45 minRecommended age: 10+