Kay Bojesen - Abe Mini - Teak Tree (39249)

Kay Bojesen - Abe Mini - Teak Tree (39249)
Brand: Kay Bojesen
Size: XS
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Kay Bojesen Abe MiniKay Bojesen’s monkey is one of the most known Danish wooden figures and it was produced for the first time in 1951. Now the designer, Kay Bojesen, chose to expand the family, so now the known Kay Bojesen monkey also exists in mini size of 9,5 cm. The popular monkey is produced in plantation teak wood and in limba wood, and despite its size, the little monkey has just as much charisma and charm, as the older Kay Bojesen monkeys. Since teak wood is plantation teak, dark spots and stripes can occur, but they will fade with time, because of light and air. Therefore, there will be difference in the wood from monkey to monkey, which makes every single monkey very unique. You can find the other monkeys in the sibling pack on the page with Kay Bojesen’s products. Please note: Wipe with a dry cloth. Keep out of direct sunlight. Useful information about Kay Bojesen Abe MiniSize: 9,5 cm Material: Teak and limbatreeColour can vary from monkey to monkeyDanish design