Jonathan Adler I Muse Tea Bundle

Jonathan Adler I Muse Tea Bundle
Categories: Decorations, Ceramic
Size: Muse Reversible Teapot: 24.64 cm W, 12.7 cm D, 20.32, Muse Reversible Sugar Bowl: 7.62 cm Dia, 13.97 cm H, Muse Reversible Creamer: 12.7 cm W, 7.62 cm D, 8.89 cm H (319.39 ml capacity),
140 GBP
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Sip From the Surreal. Our Muse Tea Set, inspired by our love affair with Salvador and Misia, features hand-sculpted white porcelain with a sheer glossy glaze. Each reversible piece is mustachioed on one side, full-lipped on the other. Jonathan throws the models for the Muse vessels and then substitutes our signature geometric relief patterns with body parts—faces, breasts, lips—to create a surreal style. Each piece is inspired by our favourite artists’ muses. Set includes one Muse Reversible Teapot, one Muse Reversible Sugar Bowl, and one Muse Reversible Creamer. Bundles are not eligible for additional discounts.