Jonathan Adler I Aphrodite Salt & Pepper Set

Jonathan Adler I Aphrodite Salt & Pepper Set
Categories: Decorations, Gifts, Ceramic
Size: 5.40 cm Dia, 5.40 cm H,
48 GBP
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Season Surreally. Make your tablescape sizzle with our Aphrodite Salt & Pepper Set—provocative orbs made from high-fired porcelain in ebony and white for easy seasoning and added intrigue. Packaged in a nifty gift box, they make a perfect present (or pick-me-up for yourself). Jonathan throws the models for the Muse vessels and then substitutes our signature geometric relief patterns with body parts—faces, breasts, lips—to create a surreal style. Each piece is made from unglazed matte porcelain to accentuate the forms and is inspired by our favourite artists’ muses.