John Masters Organics - Medium Round Brush

John Masters Organics - Medium Round Brush
Kategorier: DecorationsCeramic
Brand: John Masters Organics
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John Masters Organics ’Medium Round Brush has thousands of natural hairs (a combination of wild boar hair and nylon) tightly wrapped around a ceramic-coated cylinder that ensures even blow-drying without frizzy hair as a result. The brush also smoothes each straw and reduces static electricity, so you get a healthy look with a glossy finish every time.Benefits:Offset brush lengths designed to gather and hold the right amount of hair during blow drying and stylingCeramic coated cylinder that heats up quickly to reduce drying time and thus protect the hairThe fine brushes help reduce sebum buildup from the scalp when used from root to tipMade of environmentally friendly bambooLightweight, ergonomic handle