Isle of Paradise - Dark Glow Clear Self Tanning Mousse 200 ml

Isle of Paradise - Dark Glow Clear Self Tanning Mousse 200 ml
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Brand: Isle of Paradise
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Uniform tan, good scent and natural glow with this Tanning Mousse.Seamless tanning with this transparent tanning mousse from the Isle of Paradise. You avoid stains on clothes or bedding and you get the most natural tan color ever, due to color correcting substances and active ingredients in the mousse.You get a uniform and stripe-free tan. And forget about artificial odor and orange self-tanning color. This clear tanning mouse dries quickly, so you can get on with your day, and put on your clothes without any problems.The nourishing formula is enriched with avocado, chia seeds and coconut oil, which gives the skin a good moisture that contributes to the natural look.The dark mousse has a HyperViolet ™ complex that counteracts orange and golden tones for the ultimate bronze brown color! And then the transparent mousse corrects the color to your skin tone.Vegan and not tested on animals. Does not contain parabens, sulphates, mineral oils or phthalates.Application:Apply an even layer on the skin and apply it in circular motionsCan be applied with an application glove, but also withoutThe color can build up, so start with too little product rather than too much. And then tan again the following day if you want a darker glow.Always wash your hands afterwardsBenefits:Stripe-free tanning - uniform color on the skinIt dries quickly - avoid stains on bedding or clothesNatural porridge that matches your skin tone due to color-correcting substancesGood scent that is not artificialMoisturizes the skin