Insta360 - ONER Twin Edition

Insta360 - ONER Twin Edition
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Brand: Insta360
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Unique adaptive action cameraAdaptive action camera ONE R is the innovative product that a lens is exchangeable. I enabled the photography by the wide-angle lens mounted with lens, epoch-making 5.3K 1 inch sensor for lens, the standard 4K wide-angle lens photography for the 360-degree photography with one camera. The product design of ONE R is simple and is formed of one battery, one processor, quick interchangeable lens module of 1 selection. The lens is interchangeable and turns, for example, into a standard action camera from a 360-degree photography camera in an instant if I change it.1 inch of wide-angle lens module (Leica and joint development)I realize the conventional high quality which there is not in an action camera in this module. 1 inch of wide-angle lens module captures bright 5.3K animation and a still image of 19MP using 1 inch of sensor of the best class in the dark place that I reached. Is it the highest grade performance with the device to be able to carry anywhere? The wide-angle lens module of 1 inch is a game changer.Leica cooperated with Insta360 in the optics engineering of 1 inch of wide-angle lens module and an industrial design thickly and provided the technical knowledge that there was not of standing parallel in image quality and color reproduction.In smooth movement, darknessONE R makes use of upgraded FlowState stabilization algorithm named the perfection and realizes stable さを such as the gimbal. Even 360-degree photography is the photography in the standard wide-angle lens, but is only smooth. By smart scene detection algorithm, ONE R is a dark place, but a camera shake revision performance is superior so as to get over a competitor.A case is waterproofing-freeONE R is IPX8 waterproofing standard and the body waterproofs it to 5 meters and copes. I prepare a diving case for a person explored to the deeper sea. I can go on a trip to the deep sea of up to 60 meters if I use the diving case.High-quality soundPlain splendid sound collecting is realized by two built-in microphones putting on all ONE R, automatic noise cancellation function. In addition, in USB Type-C port and upper installation accessories Shoo, I enabled the installation of the 3.5mm microphone made in a third party.Twin Edition includes 1x 4K Wide Angle Mod 1x Dual-Lens 360 Mod 1x Core 1x Battery Base 1x Lens Cap and 1x Mounting Bracket.EAN:6970357851409 / CINAKGP/A