IdHAIR - Mé Serum Cream 100 ml

IdHAIR - Mé Serum Cream 100 ml
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Brand: Id Hair
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IdHair Mé Serum Cream is the problem solver above them all!Specially developed for frizzy and dry hair!If you have been struggling with frizzy and dry hair for a long time, then this cream from IdHair is the perfect answer and solution to your problem. The cream contains panthenol, which ensures your hair a lot of important moisture. This moisture transforms your hair into a beautiful and shiny work of art, and in addition, the consistency of the cream means that you can easily distribute it in the tips and lengths of the hair. In addition, your hair also gets a deliciously smooth and silky smooth surface.If you have crunchy, worn and dry hair, then this cream is without a doubt the worst enemy of your problems. The same goes if you are suffering from problems like electric hair, then this cream is so unique that it has the anti-frizz property which prevents electric hair. Last but not least, this cream is also suitable for people with extensions, as the cream keeps the hair soft and very well-groomed. The cream is extremely effective and delivers some very satisfying results.Application:Can be used to advantage in both damp and dry hairDistribute the cream in the lengths and tips of the hairThen style as you wishBenefits:Adds a lot of moisture to your hairMakes your hair beautiful and shiny as well as silkySuitable for all hair typesEasy to distribute in the hairRemoves mugs and crunchy tipsRemoves and prevents electric hairReally good for extensionsGives you soft and well-groomed hairHas a nice sweet and refreshing scent