IdHAIR - Colour Bomb 250 ml - Silver Grey

IdHAIR - Colour Bomb 250 ml - Silver Grey
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Brand: Id Hair
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Id Hair Color Bomb is a fantastic caring color conditioner that gives the hair color more life and intensity. The cream leaves hair shiny and more vibrant. However, this condosioner makes it easy to maintain the hair color until the next coloring. Color Bomb is direct color, which can either be used as a color freshener or as a semi-color. It rehydrates the hair, where vitamin B5 helps to strengthen hair and hair cells. The hair becomes healthy and delicious and appears as a new color for a longer period of time. The effect color can be used in already colored hair, bleached hair or in untreated hair. However, the durability will depend on the condition of the hair, hair washing as well as external influences such as. sun. All the colors can be mixed and thus it is possible to achieve almost unlimited colors.Application:Wash your hair as usual and dry your hair with a towelApply Color Bomb to the hairRide the hair throughLet it work for 3-15 minutes, depending on the desired intensityRinse thoroughlyRemember to wash your hands after useIf coloring directly, it is recommended to lighten the hair beforeInstead, let the Color Bomb sit for 15-30 minutesBenefits:Wonderful nourishing color conditioner from Id HairEffect colorGives hair new lifeRevives hair colorSeems caringGives shine and intensityColor maintenanceThe colors can be mixed as desiredCan be used in colored hair, bleached hair or in untreated hairAll colors are without PPD, Resorcinol and MEA