Hudson Valley | Breton Chandelier | Polished Nickel

Hudson Valley | Breton Chandelier | Polished Nickel
Categories: Decorations, Ceramic
Size: Width/Diameter 76.20cm, Height 63.50cm, Min - Max Height 71.12cm - 208.28cm, Backplate/Canopy/Base 15.24cm,
1550 GBP
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The glassmaker’s craft of using an “optic mold” to create desired interior textures and designs was invented by Roman glassworkers and flourished in Venice in the Middle Ages. Using this ancient “optic” technique, we house a glass bulb in a hand-blown oval diffuser. This diffuser is perfectly clear on the outside with a wavy horizontal pattern worked in its bulb-facing side. These interior lines are in the “optic” tradition, valued in heritage pieces such as Depression glass.