How to Make Kombucha

How to Make Kombucha
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A beginners course to brewing your own delicious Kombucha. WHAT’S THIS ALL ABOUT? Your gut is crying out for it. Your immune system longs for it, and your taste buds tingle for it. It’s the drink that has replaced green tea for its health benefits, and the general discussion around the merits of your scoby has become a calming conversation in a febrile world. Scoby is code for ‘Symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast’, which wouldn’t inspire anyone to give it a go, but Scoby - now that sounds like your new best friend. TELL ME MORE Just like beer a Kombucha is brewed. In this class you learn how to achieve flavour, carbonation and how to propagate your Scoby. There are the first brews, the secondary ferments and lessons in storing. It should certainly be on your drinks menu when friends drop by. Of course you can still forage for elderflowers, but they have a season while a good Kombucha can become your daily staple. This class is a great way to put a bit more Kombucha into your life. A sip here and a sip there. Let your body feel the benefit. Here today, Kombucha tomorrow! THE ALL IMPORTANT DETAILS This class happens once a month on a Sunday at 3pm in Walthamstow. The afternoon is 3 hours.