HAY - Mega Dot Quilt 235 x 245 cm - Light Grey (505264)

HAY - Mega Dot Quilt 235 x 245 cm - Light Grey (505264)
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Brand: HAY
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The lovely Mega Dot blanket from HAY brings the exclusive and popular hotel atmosphere into your bedroom. It creates tidiness, peace and makes the bed look more inviting for yourself and your guests. A blanket from HAY is a good, easy and cheap way to upgrade your bedroom, and you can change colours according to the season, or if something new is happening. The blanket is made of 100% cotton, which makes it very soft, and it is a design classic that will never go out of fashion. Mega Dot is sold in four different colours at Coolshop; green, grey, light grey and red. The smart thing is that every blanket has two sides with two different colours. If you are tired of one colour, you can just turn the blanket over and create a new and fresh look in a heartbeat. The blanket is also brilliant for those who do not make their bed every morning. The duvets do not need to be straight, when you bring the masterpiece from HAY into your home. Useful information about HAY Mega Dot Quilt.Size: 235 x 245 cm.Material: 100% Cotton.HAY.HAY was founded in 2002 and is known for creating sustainable and innovative furniture and accessories for the modern home. HAY has a few years created growth and breakthroughs Inside is Danish furniture design in both Denmark and abroad. Their success is due to their modern and functional design and quality of their products that keeps season after season. Many of HAY products produced in collaboration with designers such as, among other things Jacob Wagner, Leif Jørgensen, Anne Hein Fraud & Christian Uldall, Clara Von Zweigbergk, Hee Welling, Johannes Torpe & Rune Reilly Kolsch and Louise Campbell.