HAY - Flowerpot with saucer Large - Green

HAY - Flowerpot with saucer Large - Green
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Brand: HAY
Size: L
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Large flowerpot is made by HAY, and it is a beautiful flowerpot made in a classic design and with a modern material choice. The flowerpot is made of polystone, which does not only give the pot a timeless design, but also a very simple and minimalistic design. HAY flowerpot comes in many sizes and colours. There are no holes in the bottom of the pot, so you can choose yourself whether you want to use it with or without the plate underneath. Be aware that since the material is polystone, the pots can in some cases get darker in the bottom, when you water it, since the material absorbs the water. You can put clay balls in the bottom of the pot to avoid water absorption. Useful information about HAY Flowerpot LargeSize: 17,5 x 16,5 cmMaterial: PolystoneHAYHAY was established in 2002.It is known for creating sustainable and innovative furniture and accessoriesfor modern home. In just a few years, HAY has created growth and change inDanish furniture design both in Denmark and in other countries. Their successis explained by their modern and functional designs, as well as quality oftheir products, which lasts season after season.