Hasbro Gaming - Monopoly Bid Game (DA/NO) (F1699)

Hasbro Gaming - Monopoly Bid Game (DA/NO) (F1699)
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Brand: Hasbro gaming
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Get ready for a quick game of Monopoly with this card game that deals with a good mix of chance, luck and strategy.In the Monopoly Bid game, players must bid on blind auctions, pay with cash cards, steal properties with action cards and change their luck with wild cards. The game is played in rounds and everyone gets an opportunity to host an auction. When bidding on a property, players must decide for themselves how much money they will risk bidding. Everyone shouts “1, 2, 3, bid!” and lay down their cards. The player who has bid the most money gets the property. Collect 3 sets of properties to win.Monopoly Bid Game is a great choice for game night, parties, or for a fun indoor activity.Includes 110 maps and manualRecommended age 7+Number of players: 4Languages: Danish and Norwegian