Global - Bread Knife GNM-09 (17809)

Global - Bread Knife GNM-09 (17809)
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Brand: Global
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Global Bread Knife GNM-09Global’s bread knife GNM-09 comes from the Global NI series and has a 21 cm long blade. The length of the bread knife allows you to cut nice slices with one smooth movement, even of the freshly baked, porous bread. The long blade is also great for big vegetables, like cabbage or vegetable tubers, because it holds, cuts and cracks open at once. The knives and kitchen tools in Global’s series Global NI have an ergonomically correct and strong grip, which allows them to lay naturally in your hand, and become the most preferred tools in the kitchen. You can also buy a knife sharpener that will make sure you always have a knife that can carry out the work in the best possible way. Useful information about Global Bread Knife GNM-09Size: 34 cm Material: SteelDesigner: Komin YamadaSerie: Global NI