Garnier - Ambre Solaire Sensitive Kids Swim Spray SPF50 300 ml

Garnier - Ambre Solaire Sensitive Kids Swim Spray SPF50 300 ml
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Brand: Garnier
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Protect your children’s sensitive skin when you are out in the sun or bathing with this advanced sunscreen with a sun factor of 50.Children’s skin is extra sensitive and it is therefore extremely important to protect it from the sun’s harmful rays. This sunscreen provides very high protection with SPF 50+ for children and has a UVA / UVB filter system with Mexoryl® SX. This effective filter system helps protect children’s delicate skin from sunburn and prevents damage to the skin. This sun spray is developed for children with light and sensitive skin and provides a very high level of protection with SPF 50+. The waterproof sun spray is easy and quick to spray on - perfect for children who are eager to get in the water. Application:Shake well before useDo not spray directly on the face, but instead on the hands firstApply an ample amount of sunscreen before the child goes out in the sunApply again periodically and in large quantities to maintain protection if the child has sweated or bathed or dried with a towelAvoid contact with eyes and the area around the eyes (immediately rinse thoroughly with water in case of contact)Avoid contact with clothingStay in the shade, especially between 11 and at 15Too little amount of sunscreen product provides a lower level of protectionProtect children with clothing, e.g. hat, t-shirt and sunglassesAdvantage:Sunscreen on spray for children with SPF50+Very high protectionPrevents damage to the skinDeveloped for children with light and sensitive skinEasy and quick to spray onWaterproofAllergy friendlyUVA and UVB protectionToo much sun poses a serious health riskDo not stay too long in the sun, even if the child uses sunscreen, as it does not provide 100% protectionDo not expose infants and young children to direct sunlight