Gardena - Wall Hose Bracket With Hose

Gardena - Wall Hose Bracket With Hose
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Brand: Gardena
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This set includes the GARDENA Wall Hose Bracket (Art. No. 241), a 20-metre-long 13 mm (1/2") hose, all required Original GARDENA System Fittings, and an Adjustable Spray Nozzle. The hose is pressure-resistant and retains its shape (burst pressure 22 bar). With this hose, you will water a lot because it has an 12-year warranty. For storing the hose, it is simply wound around the Wall Hose Bracket. Always ready-to-use. There are practical hanging options for nozzles, sprayers or sprinklers. Always accessible when you need them. For long enjoyment while watering.