Funktion - Cake Pan​ Set (224011)

Funktion - Cake Pan​ Set (224011)
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Brand: Funktion
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With Funktion you get a set with 3 springforms: 20, 24 and 26 cm in diameter. Choose the right cake size that fits the occasion. The springform has a non-stick coating, so the cake does not cling to the bottom and the sides of the form.NOTE: Do not use sharp objects with the form, since it ruins the non-stick coating. The forms are not suitable for dishwasher and can be heated up to 240°C in the oven.Useful information about Funktion Cake Pan SetSize: Dia. 20, dia. 24 and dia. 26 cm.Material: Non-stickMax 230 grader Dishwasher: NOPFOA-fri