Fit Pit Man – Natural Deodorant (25ml/100ml) 100ml

Fit Pit Man – Natural Deodorant (25ml/100ml) 100ml
Categories: Gifts, Personal
Brand: Fit Pit
Size: 100ml
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How does Fit Pit work? Fit Pit is a natural deodorant. It prevents body odour caused by bacteria. Sweat does not usually have much of an odour unless we have eaten something particularly odorous! It is bacteria on the skin that causes odour. Fit Pit subtly alters your skin’s natural pH to prevent bacteria from thriving. The Coconut oil and Shea Butter, moisturise and soothe your skin. Unlike some deodorants Fit Pit doesn’t just mask a bad smell, it actually prevents it. And unlike antiperspirants Fit Pit doesn’t block your sweat glands, which means your body can still remove toxins, making it even healthier for you. The result is beautifully soft and healthy underarms. Skin Microbiome Our skin, just like our gut, is home to friendly bacteria which protect us from infection and inflammation. These bacteria thrive on our sweat particularly in dark moist areas, like our armpits, this can result in odour. Use the buttons below to print, download or email a simplified factsheet for reference. var pf Header Img Url = ‘’;var pf Header Tagline = ‘’;var pfdisable Click To Del = 1; var pf Hide Images = 0; var pf Image Display Style = ‘block’;var pf Disable PDF = 0; var pf Disable Email = 0; var pf Disable Print = 0; var pf Custom CSS = ‘’;var pf Encode Images = 0; var pf Show Hidden Content = 0; var pf Bt Version=‘2’;(function(){var js, pf; pf=document. create Element(‘script’);pf. type=‘text/javascript’;pf. src=’//cdn. printfriendly. com/printfriendly. js’;document. get Elements By Tag Name(‘head’)[0].append Child(pf)})();