Fanola - Volume Volumizing Shampoo 1000 ml

Fanola - Volume Volumizing Shampoo 1000 ml
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Brand: Fanola
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A shampoo that works right down to the roots due to the content of panthenol (vitamin B5), which strengthens the hair fibersThis shampoo, Fanola - Volume Volumizing Shampoo, is designed to make hair more elastic and supple. The hair therefore feels stronger, but of course without being weighed down. There are therefore many good properties, in addition to the usual for the good shampoos: moisturizing, caring and cleansing.ApplicationLike every other shampooApply to moisturized hairRinse it outRepeat if you feel it is necessaryAdvantageFantastic shampoo from FanolaMakes hair more elastic and suppleThe hair feels stronger (without it being weighed)Moisturizing, caring and cleansing