Evolve Pure Prebiotic Roll On Deodorant

Evolve Pure Prebiotic Roll On Deodorant
Categories: Decorations, Ceramic
Brand: Evolve
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Evolve Pure Prebiotic Roll On Deodorant is an aluminium-free deodorant that has been designed to work alongside your skin to balance and protect against underarm odour and bacterial communication. Formulated with a prebiotic nutritional supply from Noni plant stem cells and Sage Oil which brings added antimicrobial efficacy, alongside aloe vera to ensure this organic deodorant gently soothes the skin under the arms. Benefits- Innovative prebiotic technology controls odours whilst letting the skin breathe- Keeps bacteria at bay and helps you to feel fresh for longer- Soothes irritation with aloe vera making it suitable for use post-shaving- Aluminium-free with a delicate, fresh natural scent- Suitable for all skin types, even those with sensitive skin