Emma Lewisham Supernatural 72-Hour Hydration Crème

Emma Lewisham Supernatural 72-Hour Hydration Crème
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Brand: Emma Lewisham
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Emma Lewisham Supernatural 72-Hour Hydration Crème uses 72-hour moisture lock technology to deeply condition the skin, replenish moisture, and regenerate collagen, instantly delivering an ultra-hydrated, luminous glow alongside phenomenal age-defying results. A powerful combination of 30 naturally active, green-tech ingredients, this scientifically proven* formulation sets a new benchmark in age-defying skincare. Benefits- Formulated with 24 high performing active ingredients for full-spectrum performance in regenerating collagen, deeply hydrating skin and delivering an ultra-radiant, youthful complexion.- Deeply hydrates and replenishes moisture- Helps regenerate collagen for plump, lifted skin- Delivers an ultra-radiant, youthful glow- Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles- Leaves skin lifted, supple and ultra-hydrated- Sustainable, refillable jar system- Packaging made from PCR plastic and box is 100% recyclable made with PEFC certified paper and printed using oil-free, vegetable-based inks with water-based coatings- Repurchasing Supernatural Crème? Reduce your carbon impact by 74% by purchasing a refill here. Key Ingredients- Collagen boosting Peptides from Alaria Esculenta Seaweed work to signal the skin to produce collagen - lifting and plumping the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and visibly improving skin texture and suppleness.- Saccharide Isomerate is the next generation of Hyaluronic Acid. With a smaller molecular size, it penetrates deeper for prolonged hydration up to 72 hours after application. Strengthening the skin’s barrier, supporting elasticity and boosting collagen - it locks in moisture promoting the skin’s internal water production, hydrating the skin from the inside out.- Bakuchiol is a highly effective natural alternative to retinol, bakuchiol (plant-based Vitamin A) works to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It is proven to show similar anti-ageing effects to retinol, without the side effects that retinol is known to produce, such as redness, dryness, irritation and sensitivity.- Sourced from Switzerland, Edelweiss Stem Cells promote skin suppleness, by helping to lift and plump the complexion. Also helping to strengthen the skin’s natural barrier, it restores the appearance of youthfully firm skin through its high concentration of leontopodic acid and flavonoids. Skin Types Suitable for all skin types. How to UseAfter cleansing, warm a small dollop of Emma Lewisham Supernatural 72-Hour Hydration Crème between your fingertips, activating the powerful natural actives. Massage the crème into your face and neck using an upwards, circular motion to physically stimulate blood flow. Allow a couple of minutes for it to absorb, leaving your skin to feel nourished, plump and hydrated. Use daily at night. *Independent In-Vitro Scientific Testing into the effects on the production of type 1 collagen (2020)