Emma Lewisham Illuminating Brighten Your Day Crème

Emma Lewisham Illuminating Brighten Your Day Crème
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Brand: Emma Lewisham
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Emma Lewisham Illuminating Brighten Your Day Crème is a potent cream packed with natural actives that deliver unparalleled brightening. Uniquely proven to boost collagen in vitro* production, provide 72-hour deep hydration and gently exfoliate the skin, it reveals lifted, luminous and brilliantly bright skin - giving you your daily dose of glow. Benefits- Formulated with 32 high performing active ingredients for full-spectrum performance- Delivers unparalleled brightening- Gently exfoliates and smooths the skin- Boosts collagen production - Deeply hydrates, replenishing moisture- Leaves skin with a luminous and brilliantly bright complexion- Sustainable, refillable jar system- Packaging made from PCR plastic and box is 100% recyclable made with PEFC certified paper and printed using oil-free, vegetable-based inks with water-based coatings- Repurchasing Illuminating Brighten You Day Crème? Reduce your carbon impact by 63% by purchasing a refill here. Key Ingredients- Saccharide Isomerate is the next generation of Hyaluronic Acid. With a smaller molecular size, it penetrates deeper for prolonged hydration up to 72 hours after application. Strengthening the skin’s barrier, supporting elasticity and boosting collagen - it locks in moisture promoting the skin’s internal water production, hydrating the skin from the inside out.- Ceramides support the skin’s dynamic nature, creating a healthy skin barrier that locks in moisture and shields skin from free radical damage, pollution and other external aggressors. Two particular ceramide precursors - phytosphingosine and sphingolipids actually help skin make more ceramides- Edelweiss Stem Cells help to strengthen the skin’s natural barrier by restoring the appearance of youthfully firm skin. It also promotes skin tension, visibly lifting and plumping the complexion.- Caviar Lime Extract is rich in alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) that gently exfoliate the skin’s surface to remove dead skin cells, Caviar Lime Extract promotes brighter, clearer and more even skin while reducing the appearance of pores.- Acerola Extract (Vitamin C) provides potent Vitamin C, powerful antioxidants and hydrating polysaccharides that help to protect fibroblasts from oxidative damage, giving a brighter, more radiant complexion.- Ethically sourced mica gives skin a subtle, luminous shimmer Skin Types Suitable for all skin types. How to UsePeel foil off the refill pod, locking the pod into your Brighten Your Day Crème jar. After cleansing, massage one pump onto your face and neck in the morning using an upwards, circular motion to stimulate blood flow. Follow with sunscreen. Use daily in the morning. *Independent scientific in-vitro testing 2020 into the production of Type I collagen production