Egg Farfalle 500g by Alfieri

Egg Farfalle 500g by Alfieri
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Brand: Cibosana
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Elevate your culinary creations with Alfieri's Egg Farfalle. This classic Lombardian short pasta is renowned for its butterfly-like shape. With flat, subtle ridges and small dips, it's perfect for coating in oil-based sauces, as well as light cream and tomato ones.

Alfieri make theirs with high quality durum wheat, using a special milling technique to give a more pleasing texture to the grain. Grade A eggs are added to the semolina to create a rounded flavour and an appealing golden colour. We prefer to keep things simple with this farfalle, favouring it tossed with foaming butter and fresh sage leaves, or simply dressed with classic Pesto and either enjoyed hot or cold.