DUFFLashes - Monroe

DUFFLashes - Monroe
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Brand: DUFFLashes
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DUFFBeauty Lashes - Monroe eyelashes for any occasion!Handcrafted eyelashes of pure quality!Here we give you some unique eyelashes, which for a long time have been one of the best selling eyelashes from DUFFLashes. They have the extraordinary slanted design, which guarantees you an extremely charming and irresistible cat-eye look that seduces everyone around you.You can use these magical eyelashes for any occasion, whether it is a wedding, birthday, city trip, a date or something completely different!Application:First, bend your lashes with a lash curlerNext, apply a little bit of mascaraThen take the lash out of its box and bend the lash for 2-4 seconds, to make it more pliableHold the lash up to the eye and measure if the length fits your eye. If not, you can cut a little bit of the lengthApply the glue along the flexible cotton band and wait 15-30 sec. NOTE! The glue must not be applied directly to the skinPlace the lash along your lash line and gently press the lash firmly. Use a tweezerRemove again by gently pulling from one endRemove any adhesive residue with makeup removerNOTE: Eyelash glue is not includedAdvantage:Handmade lashesConsists of synthetic mink hairHas a tilt length of 12 mmCan be used repeatedly - up to 25 timesVery easy to useEquipped with 3D EffectBestseller from DUFFLashesAn oblique design that gives you an irresistible and charming cat-eye look that seduces everyone around youYou can use them for any occasion