Dr. Hauschka - Clarifying Steam Bath 100 ml

Dr. Hauschka - Clarifying Steam Bath 100 ml
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Brand: Dr. Hauschka
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This Clarifying Steam Bath from Dr. Hauschka is an oil for steam bath. This product opens the skin’s pores. When using a steam bath with Clarifying Steam Bath in, it has a beneficial effect on the skin. It dissolves impurities and activates the skin’s metabolism. The steam bath provides the best possible preparation for a subsequent deepening with the Clarifying Clay Mask Pot. The composition of daisies, tropoeolum and wizard hazel stimulates blood flow in the skin, loosens blackheads and dampens skin impurities.Application:Pour approx. ½ liter hot water over two tablespoons Clarifying Steam BathPut a towel over the head and let the vapors penetrate the skin for 5-10 minutesAs a perfect addition to the steam bath, we recommend finishing with Clarifying Clay MaskBenefits:Clarifying Steam Bath from Dr. HauschkaA product you need for a steam bathOpens the skin’s poresSolves impurities and activates the skin’s metabolismContains daisies, tropaeolum and wizard hazelDr. HauschkaDr. Hauschka is an environmentally certified brand that produces environmentally friendly, organic and biodynamic skin products. Robert Hauschka was a young chemist who developed natural medical products through unique thinking and manufacturing methods. “Stud the rhythms … the rhythm carries life.” Dr. Hauschka developed, based on this sentence, a completely new and revolutionary method for improving his natural medical products. The rhythm is found in nature, in man and in the universe. Considering and following the various rhythms of production, Dr. Hauschka achieved very good results. He spent several years thinking about developing great skin care products. This became a reality when he entered into cooperation with the Swedish cosmetologist, Elisabeth Sigmund. Among other things, the products were developed to follow the skin’s rhythm and changeable condition. They were produced without chemical-synthetic emulsifiers and with beautiful fragrances from essential oils. In 1999, they were able to present their new complete makeup series that not only adorns but also carries the face.The products are also being developed today as naturally as possible. Dr. Hauschka’s philosophy is that when you take something, you also give something back - this applies in all contexts of life. WALA therefore cultivates many of their herbs and medicines themselves. This is done ecologically and biodynamically without chemical insects and pesticides.Dr. Hauschka’s products are not manufactured for a particular skin type, but to a given skin condition. The skin changes in a 28-day cycle. Therefore, it is important that, for example, face cream follows this rhythm. In addition, makeup from Dr. Also shed skin while wearing. Dr. Hauschka’s products seduce the discerning buyer with the sensible experience of naturalness.