Dr. Hauschka - Clarifying Intensive Treatment (

Dr. Hauschka - Clarifying Intensive Treatment (
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Brand: Dr. Hauschka
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Get your skin back in balance with this super intensive cure that supports young skin with a tendency to impurities. The cure from Dr. Hauschka is suitable for impure or young skin and is recommended for people under 25 years. It is an effective and deep-acting cure that cares for skin that has a tendency to impurities and inflammation. The wonderful composition of rhodochrosite, silver, daisies, tropical oil, natural brine and water from witch hazel regulates the skin and helps reduce impurities. Clarifying Intensive Treatment from Dr. Hauschka leaves the skin well-groomed, moisturized and comfortable. Application: Should be used four times a year for best effect Use the cure for 28 days in a row Use morning and evening Apply four to five sprays to face on cleansed skin Lightly massage the cure in with your hands The contents of the bottle correspond to one cure Advantage: Super intensive treatment from Dr. Hauschka Supports the skin Keeps the skin in balance Suitable for impure and young skin Recommended for people under 25 years Effective and deep-acting cure Cares for the skin Removes impurities and inflammation Wonderful composition Leaves skin hydrated, moisturized and comfortable