Don't Look At Me! (22468)

Don't Look At Me! (22468)
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Brand: Firebox
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That collection of goofy, embarrassing photos of your mates is no longer just for celebrating birthdays on social media. Gather as many as you’ve got, you’re gonna need them for this game.Deal out the caption cards. Choose a funny photo from your phone and then place your phone on the included easel. Everyone will play their best caption card, hoping to make the funniest match. Best one wins. BOOM. It’s basically Cards Against Humanity, personalised to be all about you and your mates. The captions were even specially written to fit with your hilarious photos.With 350 to choose from, you’ll never run out of hilarious photo/caption combinations. Just make sure everyone involved is 17+ as some of them can get a little naughty. You have been warned!Finally, a use for all of those dumb photos on your phoneTurn your treasured memories into a hilarious party gameSet your phone on the easel and let your friends pick a captionFunniest one wins!Over 350 captions to choose from for endless combinations