Derwent - Watercolour Pencils, 36 Tin

Derwent - Watercolour Pencils, 36 Tin
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Brand: Derwent
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Great to use and you can mix them with water to create interesting colour flows. They’re not as bright as Inktense so they’re ideal if you like to do more subtle paintings. Of course, you can use them dry and because they have such a soft texture you will find them easy to blend and layer. Watercolour is not permanent like Inktense, so once the colour is dry you can re-wet it and move it about again. Contains the entire range of 72 Watercolour Pencils.FeaturesCan be used wet or dry allowing you to draw and paint with complete control.Combine the control of a pencil with the subtle beauty of the watercolour medium.Ideal for mixed media work.Available in a variety of tin sizes and pencils sold individually.Derwent artist materials are synonymous with quality, craftsmanship and innovation. With a heritage dating back to 1832, Derwent’s innovation comes from a deep understanding of the needs and requirements of artists at every stage of the creative journey. Perfecting the art of pencil manufacturing in the Lake District for generations.