dermalogica - UltraCalming Cleanser 250 ml

dermalogica - UltraCalming Cleanser 250 ml
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Brand: dermalogica
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dermalogica - UltraCalming Cleanser is a very gentle cleanser for delicate and sensitive skin. This gel cream soothe a stressed, irritated skin, and a skin that is hormonal imbalance. The cleaning product is specifically designed for even the most delicate skin. It contains, inter alia, lavender, raspberry and cucumber extract, which helps to reduce redness, sensitization, irritation and inflammation in the skin. The skin is left purified and balanced. Can be used for all skin types, but is ideal for a delicate and sensitive skin.How to use:It can be used both morning and nightSpread the product on the face and neckMassage quiet with fingertipsCan be washed off with water or with a cotton padFinish with toner and face creamBenefit:Gentle cleanserEven extremely sensitive skin can tolerate this gel cleanser creamCalms and reduces rednessRelieving a stressed skinUltraCalmingItching, burning, stinging and redness are clear signs of sensitive skin. The causes of these problems is less clear: Genes, hormones, stress, chemical exposure, food and harsh skin care products may aggravate the skin very reactive mode.When your skin needs serious relief, you can count on UltraCalming skincare range from dermalogica, In clinical studies, UltraCalming significantly reduced redness and soothed the irritation of a sustained relief of the skin.dermalogica - healthy skin is beautiful skindermalogica was created in 1986, since then dermalogica evolved to be one of the most preferred skin care system among both skin care experts and consumers worldwide. dermalogica products are not wrapped in extravagant packages, instead the focus is in dermalogica products, since the emphasis is on achieving healthy and beautiful skin through effective products, without unnecessary or harmful additives. dermalogica is a wide range, it contains products for every step of your skincare routine: cleansers, exfoliation, masks, face creams, eye creams, boosters and toners. With dermalogica allows you to target your treatment accurately to the exact results you want to achieve. dermalogica is a unisex skin care range, all products have a neutral scent. So there are in just as much talk about skin care for men who care for women.dermalogica’s vision:The vision for dermalogica is clear - it is a product line free of irritating ingredients: Lanolin Alcohol Mineral oils Artificial dyes Fragrances