Daimyo (EN) (BRG1071)

Daimyo (EN) (BRG1071)
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Now you can seriously rebuild the empire on the ruins that remain after an absolutely misunderstood civilization. Embark on an island hopping and fight your battle to be crowned the victorious emperor of the 6 islands.Daimyo - Rebirth of the Empire is looking for an emperor who can lead a clan and wants to conquer this group of islands, also called Archipelago. To win as emperor, it requires an all-important popularity that you can only build by sending out governors who must make sure to influence the locals and thus increase your popularity!But you have to be careful! Because even though you fight bravely and your governors fight your case while the treasure hunters lead the sacred objects of the past, you must be aware of the assassins who go among you all! Even if you build many buildings and are considered a hero to the people, the assassins can suddenly stop you!The game is in English, and is played over 5 rounds. 2-4 players can participate per. game, and the duration is 1-1½ hours.