Cyberpunk 2077 Net Runner Beanie Black

Cyberpunk 2077 Net Runner Beanie Black
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Brand: Jinx
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Are you as big a fan of Cyberpunk as we are? Now you can bring the game into the real world with this hat from Cyberpunk 2077.Can’t get enough of Cyberpunk either? At least we can not. That’s why we at Coolshop have procured a lot of different merchandise from the game, so we can also experience the game in the real world.When it starts to get cold outside, it’s nice to have a warm beanie around your ears. You need a beanie for the cold winter months anyway, so why not choose one from your favorite video game? This beanie is created in a bold Cyberpunk design and has a logo on the front. This beanie will surely give recognition among other fans of Cyberpunk 2077.