Chocolate Gluten Free Biscuits 150g by Grisbi

Chocolate Gluten Free Biscuits 150g by Grisbi
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Brand: Cibosana
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Enjoy a celiac-friendly version of an Italian favourite with Grisbi's gluten-free chocolate biscuits. These double-chocolate shortbread cookies are tantalisingly light and crisp, crumbling with every bite to reveal a velvety chocolate cream centre. A hint of hazelnut tempts the tongue with a lovely roasted nut aftertaste that will have you reaching for more. We like to enjoy these melt-in-the-mouth treats as a breakfast snack in Italy, usually with a steaming cappuccino to get the day off to a sweet start. Crafted from rice flour instead of wheat, they're suitable for those who are avoiding gluten or have an intolerance.