Carfume Jokes Collection

Carfume Jokes Collection
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Brand: Carfume™️ UK
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If you can’t wait for April Fools, and love pulling a prank, then this range is for you!Be warned though, these very realistic Carfume scents are not for the faint hearted or easily offended! So choose your victim carefully. Choose your Carfume colour and Joke scent. This will be sent out with the joke fragrance placed inside the lid of the box.We will also include a non-joke and nicer smelling fragrance in a separate packet, so that once you have pulled your prank, you can pull that out and hopefully redeem yourself! We would love to see any video content you capture of your prank in action, don’t forget to tag us @carfume on Instagram with the hashtags #carfumepranks and #aprilfools there will be a super prize for the best content captured!As these scents are very realistic, please do take care as we can’t be held responsible for the ensuing stench, should you choose to use them!Good luck pranksters!