Bramblecrest Chedworth Open Weave Double Cocoon with Season Proof Cushions – Sandstone

Bramblecrest Chedworth Open Weave Double Cocoon with Season Proof Cushions – Sandstone
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Brand: Bramblecrest
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Set consists of: 1 x Bramblecrest Chedworth Outdoor Double Cocoon Seat – Sandstone 1 x Bramblecrest Chedworth Season Proof Double Seat Cushion Set - Herringbone Barley 1 x Bramblecrest Chedworth Double Cocoon Hang FrameAbout:Create a sanctuary within your garden for two with this elegant double hanging garden chair. The Bramblecrest Chedworth Open Weave Double Cocoon is a wonderful stylish hanging seat for two that will effortlessly suit many garden arrangements. Find ample room for yourself and a partner to achieve relaxation on this hang chair, complete with enjoyably plump season proof cushions that are equipped to repel light rain, frost and staining. Be sure to store these cushions indoors, or in a cushion box, during winter months or heavier periods of rain.The wider rattan weave is a style preference enjoyed by many, casting a chic refined structure for your garden, less visually dominating in some respects. The rattan itself is extremely smooth but this synthetic fibre also benefits from a high level of climate repellency, guarding against moisture. As such it’s largely fine to leave as it stands outdoors, for windier months or excessive times of rain a protective cover is a great idea to shield your chair, find a link to this beneath the descroption. The powder coated steel hang frame is sturdy and the coating helps resist rust, plus is lightweight so repositioning this delightful garden swing set is simple. Enjoy alfresco aperitifs or immersing yourself in a good book in the comfort of your own garden.Key features: Double seat so two can enjoy the garden in swinging comfort Sandstone smooth open weave rattan repels moisture Herringbone Barley season-proof cushions are water resistant, store indoors during the winter Suitable to leave outside with minimal maintenance, store using a furniture cover during the winter months for best care Made from mostly recycled materials Powder-coated steel frame that resists rust but remains lightweight and easy to move aboutTo further protect this cocoon from the elements and give your product a longer lifespan we recommend the protective cover that’s made to fit, visit the link below: Bramblecrest Double Hanging Cocoon Protective Cover