Bosch - Universal Chain Pole 18 Cordless Pruner - Battery Not Included

Bosch - Universal Chain Pole 18 Cordless Pruner - Battery Not Included
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Brand: Bosch - Do it yourself
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Bosch - Universal Chain Pole 18 Cordless Pruner Effortless pruning of hard-to-reach areas without damaging treesPrune tree branches from ground level effortlessly without using a ladder. The UniversalChainpole 18 enables easy pruning in otherwise unreachable areas with the telescopic pole and pivoting head. The well-balanced, lightweight, ergonomic design minimises strain on arms and shoulders while the tip protector and bumper spike offer maximum control while cutting and undercutting. The automatic chain lubrication and an oil level indicator ensure the tool runs smoothly for consistent results. Use the cordless Universal Chainpole 18 for continuous cutting without damaging trees.Features:Prune branches easily while standing on the groundEasy to access and guide onto high branches without the use of a ladderWell balanced and lightweight for comfortable pruning in any position without strain on your arms and shouldersSpecifications:Oil tank: 60 mlChain bar length: 20 cmChain speed: 4 m/sDrive link thickness: 1.1 mmWeight (including chain, bar and battery): 3,6 kgWeight (including chain and bar): 3,3 kgHeight adjustment: 210 – 260 cmCutting length: 15 cmPivoting Head: 120 °Battery Not IncludedEAN: 3165140888110 / 06008B3101