Black Label Gluten Free Liquorice 40g by Amarelli

Black Label Gluten Free Liquorice 40g by Amarelli
Categories: Decorations, Ceramic
Brand: Amarelli
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This little tin of small liquorice pieces is from an old library design which you can use again and again. Once you’ve enjoyed the dark black sweets of course – these pieces are made from roots grown in the best plantations and selected for their intense taste and are so called Black Label.

On the toe of Italy, in Calabria, the Amarelli family started making liquorice as far back as 1500 so legend has it.

Certainly, they’ve been making brilliant seductive black liquorice from the Glycyrrhiza Glabra plant, as we know it today since 1731. And that’s over 11 generations now. Their story is told in more detail in the Giorgio Amarelli Liquorice Museum which has been awarded a Guggenheim Enterprise and Culture Award.

Liquorice is enjoyed all over the world, prized for its rich, intense aniseed flavour. And in Italy, particularly in the south, it’s widely used in food and drink including Calabria’s famous digestivo.