Black Deluxe Edition Carfume

Black Deluxe Edition Carfume
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Brand: Carfume UK
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Carfume™️ Deluxe Sleek, modern, luxurious and stylish, the Carfume Deluxe perfectly compliments the interior of any performance vehicle. Treat yourself or that special person in your life. Carfume Deluxe makes the perfect gift for any car enthusiast! Each Carfume Deluxe is perfectly presented in an ultra sleek, high quality gift box.With each fragrance lasting for up to 120 days, it is a truly long lasting and economical option. When the fragrance runs out, simply order one of our fragrance refills to top it back up.LASTS UP TO 120 DAYSSTRONGER AROMALUXURY QUALITYAvailable in four contemporary colours the deluxe is compatible with most car air vents.Our mood enhancing fragrances are guaranteed to level up your Driving Experience. Select below to read more about our fragrances…Q) what makes it different to an original or premium Carfume™️?A) Our deluxe products can last UP TO 120 DAYS, 4 months for any car diffuser is unheard of!Q) How long does the Deluxe tube last? A) It comes with a 5 ml bottle of your chosen scent & a white aroma stick. All that you’ll need to buy after this runs out are refill bottles. If looked after the Deluxe Casing should last for years. Q) What other benefits are there? You decide how strong you want the scent, via your Air Conditioning/heating settings.