Bissell - Oxygen Boost SpotClean / SpotClean Pro

Bissell - Oxygen Boost SpotClean / SpotClean Pro
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Brand: Bissell
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The stains on your carpet do not stand a chance when they encounter this SpotClean oxygen boost from Bissell. Even the worst types of stain stains succumb when this detergent is added. The new generation of Bissell’s washing products is created to go deep into the dirt, and remove it completely as if it had never existed. This stain cleaner is created to be able to remove even the worst types of stains that can get on your carpet, even the extremely tiring ones, like red wine, coffee and cola. It can both be used directly on the carpet, or put on laundry before it goes into the washing machine. Permanent removal of stains on several materials Can be used directly on the carpet or on laundry before washing Can be used with Bissell’s oxy powertool, Spotbot. Not usable on velvet, chenille, silk, dralon or leather EAN: 0111201859424