Biotherm - Biosource Mousse Dry Skin 150 ml.

Biotherm - Biosource Mousse Dry Skin 150 ml.
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Brand: Biotherm
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Biotherm Biosource Hydra-Mineral Cleanser Softening Mousse For Dry Skin is gentle cleanser specially designed for dry skin.It inspired by Japanese skincare textures, these light formulas immerse the skin in a delectable bath of revitalizing, moisturizing mineral freshness for an authentic sensory experience. A clear gel-mousse texture that transforms into a light, silky mousse upon contact with water.Leaves skin soft and perfectly clean while preserving its integrity and protecting it against dryness.Biothern Cleansing Mousse can be used by women at all ages.How To UseUse every morning and evening. Wet the face with water, pour the gel into the palm of your hand, lather and apply in light dabs all over the face, avoiding eye contours. Rinse off thoroughly with water and dry. Proceed to apply usual skincare treatment.BiothermBiotherm has been a pioneer of skincare since 1952. They are inspired by the power of the earth’s living waters to develop advanced skincare solutions that work in affinity with your skin.The world’s waters are rich with millions of microorganisms, plankton and algae with unique and powerful properties that offer new inspiration for science and beauty.Through our expertise in biotechnology, they infuse efficient aquatic extracts in fresh and pleasurable textures to make your skin look healthier and more radiant.