Beurer - BY 15 Manual Breast Pump - 3 Years warranty

Beurer - BY 15 Manual Breast Pump - 3 Years warranty
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Brand: Beurer
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Beurer’s manual breast pump is very comfortable to use with its vacuum technology. The breast pump is made in a simple design, making it easy to use and the bottle is naturally made in 100% BPA free plastic. Thanks to the two pump levels, the milk will be pumped out in a gentle and natural way. Easy to take with on the move, can be used at any time. The pad for the pump comes in a standard size and is made of silicone. This makes the surface soft and comfortable to use.There are 1 bottle, manual pump part, bottle holder, naturally shaped silicone suture and lid plus accessories for use with Avent and NUK bottles. All the accessories can of course be easily disinfected as needed. You can easily screw the upper part of it and install the supplied suture so that the container can act as a vacuum bottle.