Beurer - BF950H White Body Analysis Weight - Bluetooth - 5 Years Warranty

Beurer - BF950H White Body Analysis Weight - Bluetooth - 5 Years Warranty
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Beurer BF950H White Body Analysis Weight - Bluetooth - 5 Years WarrantyThe BF 950 body analysis scale, you can now easily track your progress on the weight and transfer all your data to your smartphone. The BF950 measures the following:• Body weight• Body fat• Body fluid• Muscle mass• Bone mass• BMI• AMR / BMR calorie display Get insight into more than just your body weightThe BF 950 measures more than just your body weight. With the weight, you can track essential health factors such as your fat percentage and body fluid percentage. But not everyone has to use body analysis. For example, pregnant people and people with pacemakers may not use body analysis. Therefore, Beurer has also expanded with a feature they call “pregnancy mode”. This feature turns off the body analysis part, so you can still use BF 950 as a regular weight. The scales also have a reset function, so you can also use the scales to weigh your baby. Guide to using the reset function according to. weighing her baby is described in the accompanying manual. The weight is used with the Beurer HealthManager app, which you can download to your smartphone. The compatibility for iOS software is 9.0 and above and for Android software 5.0 and above. Inside the app, you connect to the scales via Bluetooth. The app gives you the complete overview of all your measurements and thus can always keep track of your development. BF950 is ITO coated. ITO - Indium Tin Oxide lies as a thin layer of conductive film over the entire tread surface. It contributes to the weight of modern design as the brushed steel electrodes are removed. The large display is blue backlit and below are a number of dots that will light up to indicate how close you are to reaching your goal that you have set inside the HealthManager app. The weight has room for 8 users. Weight automatically recognizes the user based on body weight. The BF 950 can separate two users from each other down to 1 kilogram difference. The scales also show the time and indoor temperature There is a 5 year weight guarantee.SKU: BF950H EAN: 4211125749118